Robot Games: Robot Sumo

Robot Sumo is a game based on traditional Japanese sport where two sport-mans trying to push each other out of a ring. 

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PISF’16 Lego Robotics Competition

Build an all-rounder robot which mines the necessary resources from the mountain and assembles the necessary rocket parts together.

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Makerspace Garage Membership

The Makerspace & Garage are fully equipped with all the tools and instruments for makers to build their projects, inventions and prototypes. Electronics, Woodworking, Metalworking, Arts & Crafts!

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Coding Battle

Attention In this coming Penang International Science Fair 2016, there will be a Coding Battle Competition.It is open to participants below 17 years old and 1 team consists of 2 members.

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Penang International Science Fair 2016

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What We Do

We are a non-profit organization with a mission to spark interest in science and technology, create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among our young in Penang and Malaysia.

TechMentor Volunteer

PSC arranges for a volunteer to mentor the students in schools, together with a loan of hardware and software needed for that program.

With the help of volunteer mentors and kind donors, PSC supported 50 schools for Lego Robotics Program and 19 schools for embedded system at no charge to schools in 2014.

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Penang International Science Fair

Penang International Science Fair (PISF) is an event organized as part of the Penang Science Cluster’s (PSC) mission of “Inspiring Innovation”, which focuses on developing young minds and exposing them to science and engineering through a unique, stimulating and innovative experience.

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Penang Science Cafe

Penang Science Cafe is meant to be a public social space for all members of our community to come together to have fun learning, interacting and making science-related stuff.

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