Our Team

Yoon is the founding member, director and mentor for the Penang Science Cluster (PSC). Prior to starting PSC, he played a major role in several award-winning high-tech start-up companies in Penang after his time in HP and Agilent Technologies. Under his mentorship, the annual Penang International Science Fair and MakerFest have become iconic events in Penang’s calendar.

Peng Ee has 30 years of experience from his time in multinational companies like National Semiconductor, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies and Avago Technologies holding various positions in various functions. As the CEO of Penang Science Cluster, Peng Ee spearheads PSC’s mission of sparking interest, and cultivating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in students in Penang and Malaysia.

Previously a Teach for Malaysia fellow in a rural school, where she developed and reinforced her passion towards ending education inequity, Aimy now oversees the operations of the Penang Science Cluster. She believes that everyone can learn something from all sorts of experiences, positive or negative. Her time is spent playing games especially RPGs and turn-based strategy games. She graduated from UCL with a MSc in Public Policy.

Ambitious and dedicated in protecting the environment, Aina believes that education is the key for a sustainable future. Armed with a MSc in Environmental Science from Universiti Sains Malaysia and a bachelor’s degree in Forest Resources Technology, her mission is to develop an environmentally conscious culture, especially within the youth through learning of science and technology. Besides being an eco-freak, she enjoys the sounds of sea breeze, the taste of matcha latte and DIY projects. Oh, she’s a cat person too!

Amirah is an Applied Physics degree holder from Universiti Sains Malaysia. She loves to travel and explore new things in foreign soil. In addition to being passionate in helping people learn a new things, Amirah believes that education is not only for the mind but should also involve the heart as well.

Anis is from Jitra, Kedah with a BSc. in Civil Engineering from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. To her, education is not just about learning, but also has to be fun. She enjoys travelling whenever possible as it has consistently opened her eyes to various ways of life and incredible experiences. Also, her morning only truly begins after a cup of coffee!

As G.H. Hardy said, there is no permanent place in the world for ugly mathematics. Atiqah fell in love with Mathematics in high school and that was that! She did her Mathematics Degree in UIA and after some time in the corporate world, she completed her MSc in Teaching of Mathematics at USM. Coffee and jogging helps her think. She’s a movie-buff (popcorn is a must!), an avid reader, loves anything chocolate and prefers breakfast food anytime of the day!

An astrophile since a very young age, Diana fell in love with the starry night sky. She then went on to study and graduate with degree in Pure Physics and Astronomy from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Her favourites during her leisure time are taking sunrise photos and learning French and Spanish. She believes by being someone brimming with curiosity, she can one day discover a new universe!

STEM is incomplete without Math. Elisa joined us after spending some time teaching Math to school students. She graduated with a Master’s degree in Mathematical Sciences. Her calm demeanour and her willingness to listen makes her immensely popular with students and teachers alike.

Graduated from Universiti Sains Malaysia in Applied Physics, Hamimah enjoys every bit of science that requires long, complicated equations to explain why round balls roll. Having found her 7 Wonders of the World in Languages, she takes pleasure in learning the various cultures and societies that lie behind languages. She enjoys taking photos of everything (except maybe of human beings), spends her free time binge- watching what’s on Netflix, and loves every milligram of caffeine in a cup of tea.

Active in social work since her teens, Ily counts herself lucky to realize her passion for youth education so early in her life. Armed with her background in sustainability science and biotechnology, she especially enjoys converting complex concepts into digestible information, making them accessible to audiences across different backgrounds. She has spent more than 10 fulfilling years working with students in both professional and volunteer settings.

Amazed by technological marvels and automation, Jarrod joined us after completing a degree in Mechatronics Engineering in UOW Malaysia KDU Penang. With past experiences volunteering in PSC and his background in Engineering, he is part of the team that drives our Robotics and Engineering programmes. He strongly believes that educating the young with actual hands-on experience is far more effective, as they can form memories and acquire real knowledge and skills.

Kamila is a degree holder of Aquatic Resource Science and Management from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. She has always enjoyed educating people of various ages from her past stints as a tuition teacher, a nature educator and a team building instructor. Now, she looks forward to embarking on a new journey as an educator in a different setting. Being an educator is rewarding for her soul. In her spare time, she enjoys sharing food highlights on social media!

He is the resident solutions architect who is mostly responsible for anything to do with Linux. He joined the PSC after a successful record of deploying projects. He also runs the company Georgetown Technology Solutions, which is run along anti-capitalist principles. Ju Ping is completely at ease writing about himself in the 3rd person because if Siti Nurhaliza can do it, so can Ju Ping.

Hailing from Perak, Mun joined us after graduating from Universiti Sains Malaysia. He is currently our man for Code-on-Wheels. Armed with laptops and a car, he goes into schools, no matter near or far to extend the reach of coding. To Mun, we should all live beautifully, dream passionately and love completely.

Rebecca heads the life sciences programs in PSC. She was not only a recipient of the prestigious Yang Di-Pertuan Agong scholarship to read PhD in Biotechnology in University of Malaya but also a Preferred Consultant at the Malaysian Institute of Debate and Public Speaking. Her passion is in teaching life sciences and promoting effective communication skills. She believes that PSC provides a good home for her to realise her passion.

A Teluk Intan boy, Shafawi came to Penang a few years ago to study Physics in Universiti Sains Malaysia. He always tries to look at things from a diversity of perspectives: a knife can be used to kill, or to save lives if used by surgeons, but most importantly, bring happiness to many when used to cook.

A Universiti Sains Malaysia graduate, Shah holds the LEGO Robotics programme in the Penang Science Cluster and our go-to person for emceeing (he survived being an impromptu emcee for a large public event). He says callisthenics workout is his second life and believes that persistence is the critical ingredient towards success.

Shamini is a Materials Engineer with an MBA who has been with the semiconductor industry for 11 years with experience in various roles from Failure Analysis Engineer, Test Development Engineer to NPI Program Manager. She strongly believes that curiosity and positivity can bring her to different places, and loves meeting new people and learning new things. Also a part-time social entrepreneur, full-time environmentalist and animal lover!

It is difficult to imagine Penang Science Cluster without Wati, our Finance and Programme Executive. She is responsible for all our financial enquiries and processes, as well as school invitations to our programmes. Wati loves whipping up some food and sharing them with her family and friends.