Our Team

Yoon is the founding member, director and mentor for the Penang Science Cluster (PSC). Prior to starting PSC, he played a major role in several award-winning high-tech start-up companies in Penang after his time in HP and Agilent Technologies. Under his mentorship, the annual Penang International Science Fair and MakerFest have become iconic events in Penang’s calendar.

Peng Ee has 30 years of experience from his time in multinational companies like National Semiconductor, Hewlett-Packard, Agilent Technologies and Avago Technologies holding various positions in various functions. As the CEO of Penang Science Cluster, Peng Ee spearheads PSC’s mission of sparking interest, and cultivating a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship in students in Penang and Malaysia.

Previously a Teach for Malaysia fellow in a rural school, where she developed and reinforced her passion towards ending education inequity, Aimy now oversees the operations of the Penang Science Cluster. She believes that everyone can learn something from all sorts of experiences, positive or negative. Her time is spent playing games especially RPGs and turn-based strategy games. She graduated from UCL with a MSc in Public Policy.

Afiqah, a recent biology graduate from UiTM Perlis, embodies a true passion for the subject. Her joy in teaching reflects a commitment to sharing her knowledge, and her insatiable curiosity propels her to constantly seek new insights and understanding in the ever-evolving realm of biology. She love travelling as  she believes that travel encourages us to see, taste and try new things by pushing us beyond our comfort zones which also tests our ability to interact with other individuals, adapt  new experiences and share exciting new moments with friends and family.

Ambitious and dedicated in protecting the environment, Aina believes that education is the key for a sustainable future. Armed with a MSc in Environmental Science from Universiti Sains Malaysia and a bachelor’s degree in Forest Resources Technology, her mission is to develop an environmentally conscious culture, especially within the youth through learning of science and technology. Besides being an eco-freak, she enjoys the sounds of sea breeze, the taste of matcha latte and DIY projects. Oh, she’s a cat person too!


Akmal holds a Diploma with a Malaysian Certificate of Excellence in Database Management and Web Applications. He has built a solid IT foundation, covering programming languages, software development, databases, and network administration. With a strong belief in personal growth and a holistic approach to life, he actively seeks opportunities for self-discovery and improvement through travel, volunteering, and pursuing creative passions. These experiences have shaped him into the person he is today.

Aiman is a recent graduate from the University Malaysia Terengganu (UMT), where he obtained a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a specialization in Maritime Informatics. He is deeply passionate about IT and is constantly seeking opportunities to expand his knowledge and skills in the field. Aiman is known for his adventurous spirit, often seeking new challenges and experiences, and he particularly enjoys fishing as a way to relax and unwind.

Amalia is a Multimedia University alumna who is now growing and learning with PSC. She has a strong drive to live life to the fullest. There are so many future quests in her mind that she would like to pursue to enrich her life experiences. Above all, she enjoys spending most of her time with her family and friends as well as dedicating herself to producing work of highest quality.

Amirah is an Applied Physics degree holder from Universiti Sains Malaysia. She loves to travel and explore new things in foreign soil. In addition to being passionate in helping people learn a new things, Amirah believes that education is not only for the mind but should also involve the heart as well.

Meet Amirah! She’s a computational mathematics graduate who’s had a love for numbers and algorithms since she was a kid. You’ll often find her surrounded by children, as she’s incredibly devoted to nurturing young minds and sparking their curiosity. Amirah loves a good challenge and is always pushing herself to learn and grow. She’s a natural at juggling multiple tasks and commitments. Her ultimate goal is to be a caring educator who inspires and empowers others, especially the little ones.

A part of the Batu Ferringhi community, Ameer is a diploma and a professional certificate holder in computer systems with passion for technology. He often seeks for new things to learn and to practice. Also an avid fan of classical poetry, Ameer believes that a good narrative is essential in shifting other people’s perspectives.


Anis is from Jitra, Kedah with a BSc. in Civil Engineering from University of Nebraska-Lincoln. To her, education is not just about learning, but also has to be fun. She enjoys travelling whenever possible as it has consistently opened her eyes to various ways of life and incredible experiences. Also, her morning only truly begins after a cup of coffee!

Aqilah is a curious and enthusiastic individual who loves tinkering with and exploring various things that are unknown to her. A graduate from University Malaysia Terengganu with a BSc in Biological Sciences, she started her journey with PSC a few years ago, and then went into teaching and research before returning for more adventure. Also an ailurophile.

Arvindran, an animal lover and a passionate nature enthusiast, has recently completed his Bachelor’s Degree majoring in Zoology from the University of Science Malaysia. His love for animals and unwavering commitment to nature conservation are truly inspiring. He is driven by a constant desire to educate the younger generations about the importance of safeguarding our mother nature. Arvindran also enjoys dance and painting, and he’s eager to inspire appreciation for nature in upcoming generations.

Atiqullah, a girl from Tumpat, Kelantan with a BSc in Aerospace Engineering from the Universiti Sains Malaysia, enjoys challenges and adventures. She is a part of the Royal Official Training Unit and is driven by her altruistic nature, often participating in charitable and humanitarian missions. As a lover of chocolate and mocha, Atiqullah believes that “significance comes from making a positive impact, not from seeking recognition.


Awatif, an alumna of Universiti Teknikal Malaysia Melaka, blends her engineering and sales background into her current role at PSC. Beyond her professional journey, she’s an outdoor enthusiast who eagerly embarks on backpacking escapades with her pals. Embracing life’s unpredictability, she sees it as the very essence that adds an exhilarating touch to our existence.

An astrophile since a very young age, Diana fell in love with the starry night sky. She then went on to study and graduate with degree in Pure Physics and Astronomy from Universiti Sains Malaysia. Her favourites during her leisure time are taking sunrise photos and learning French and Spanish. She believes by being someone brimming with curiosity, she can one day discover a new universe!

profile picture 1 - Elisa Yahya

Since childhood, Elisa was very interested in numbers until she successfully graduated with a master’s degree in mathematics at USM. She enjoys teaching, particularly STEM subjects. She is a calm and easygoing person, which makes it easy to arouse the kids’ interest in her class. She believes that the sum of the whole is greater than the sum of the parts.

Having pursued studies in Pure Physics and Astronomy, Ezkil has a much wider field of interest. Such of those are teaching, linguistics, music, philosophy, and history. People often call him a lecturer, though he tries not to be one, or rather, not the stereotypical one, for according to him, learning should be made fun, not draining. For Ezkil, the universe is full of knowledge to be learned, mysteries to be uncovered, and it takes countless lifetimes to know it all. But he is making the best out of his lifetime.

Izzati Amni, a recent biology graduate from UITM Perlis, is an individual who firmly believes that education holds the key to a better future. Izzati finds immense joy in imparting her love for the subject to those around her, as she believes there is nothing greater than inspiring others to explore the wonders of biology. She’s also possesses a deep and unwavering love for coffee. It has become an integral part of her daily routine, as she cannot imagine going a single day without indulging in the rich and invigorating taste of dark roasted coffee shots.

He is the resident solutions architect who is mostly responsible for anything to do with Linux. He joined the PSC after a successful record of deploying projects. He also runs the company Georgetown Technology Solutions, which is run along anti-capitalist principles. Ju Ping is completely at ease writing about himself in the 3rd person because if Siti Nurhaliza can do it, so can Ju Ping.

Kamila is a degree holder of Aquatic Resource Science and Management from Universiti Malaysia Sarawak. She has always enjoyed educating people of various ages from her past stints as a tuition teacher, a nature educator and a team building instructor. Now, she looks forward to embarking on a new journey as an educator in a different setting. Being an educator is rewarding for her soul. In her spare time, she enjoys sharing food highlights on social media!

Kar Yee is a recent graduate with a degree in Biotechnology. She has an insatiable sweet tooth and loves to indulge in all things sugary. She firmly believes in the power of curiosity and is always open to new opportunities for exploration and learning. Committed to lifelong learning, Kar Yee is excited to embark on her journey in the field of science, where she can combine her academic knowledge with her passion for continuous growth and exploration.

Marryam is a recent graduate of BSc Science and Technology Studies from University Malaya. While she may come across as shy at first, she is friendly and approachable once you get to know her. She has a passion for watching animated and action-thriller TV shows, and is always on the lookout for new content. Although she is not particularly athletically inclined, she stays active by participating in various programs that improve the quality of the community, especially those related to science and technology. She has a keen desire to learn new things and ready to share her knowledge and idea with others.

Her life is a labyrinth of unexpected turns and surprising detours. However, instead of being deterred, Narmathaa embraces uncertainties with enthusiasm, staying true to her passion for helping others and creating a meaningful impact. Driven by this desire, she pursued a degree in Psychology. Music, art, sports, and yoga act as catalysts for her personal growth and self-discovery as she constantly works towards becoming the best version of herself. And yes, while she may appear quiet, her silence merely veils the wicked wit that lies within!

Nana, a nature enthusiast with a Forestry degree, dedicated to uncovering the wonders of the great outdoors. Hiking trails and badminton courts serve as her playgrounds, where adventure and camaraderie thrive. With a resilient spirit fueled by curiosity, Nana advocates for nature’s preservation and finds fulfillment in helping others, navigating life’s twists with a smile.

Rebecca heads the life sciences programs in PSC. She was not only a recipient of the prestigious Yang Di-Pertuan Agong scholarship to read PhD in Biotechnology in University of Malaya but also a Preferred Consultant at the Malaysian Institute of Debate and Public Speaking. Her passion is in teaching life sciences and promoting effective communication skills. She believes that PSC provides a good home for her to realise her passion.

Sarminiyy has always had the tendency of helping others in need of help. Her childhood passion for science led her to pursue a Bachelor’s in Biological Sciences at UMT and a Master’s in Molecular Biology (Genetics) at university. Besides cancer research, she volunteers extensively for education-focused organizations like Teach for Malaysia, Yayasan Generasi Gemilang, and The Kalsom Movement. She loves participating in many volunteering programmes to bridge the gaps in education for underprivileged. She’s also an amateur painter, an ais kacang connoisseur, and a gardening enthusiast with a love for nature.

Sarah is passionate about knowledge, sparking her enthusiasm for exploring new realms. Embracing failure as a stepping stone to success, she persistently moves forward with determination. Giving up isn’t in Sarah’s vocabulary—She thrives on the journey of discovery and growth.

Previously a Teach For All Global Network Community in Climate Ed and Chairman of GreenSmiths, where he blends marketing, sustainability, and STEM education to empower youth globally, Shahrol Shukri continues his passion in fostering a deep understanding of science and technology while instilling environmental responsibility towards the youth. His dedication in shaping a brighter future has recognized him as one of the Top 30 Youths in Asia-Pacific by Vice Media.

Sufi, a Perak boy and a graduate of the University of Malaysia Pahang with a degree in Computer Science Graphics and Multimedia, has a strong foundation in programming languages and game development. In addition to his technical skills, he has a keen interest in photography and art. Sufi is a cheerful person who is always ready to assist his co-workers. He enjoys playing football and singing, and he even has experience as a child actor. Sufi’s favorites foods include nasi kandar, char kuey teow, and nasi kerabu.

Susan graduated from USM with a MSc in IT and BSc in CAGD. She spent 12 years working in multinational companies managing IT programs in the APAC region before expanding her professional portfolio to cover work in nonprofits. She was most recently attached to WWF-Malaysia and Penang Women’s Development Corporation, working on wildlife conservation programs and empowerment programs for women and families in Penang. Susan enjoys engaging with various communities and strives to learn together with them.