TechFest 2022


17th September 2022 marks a great milestone for our young engineers, inventors and game developers at the Penang TechFest 2022!

With the fierce Advanced Robotics Challenge (ARC) teams raging through each match. Young Game Developers showing off the games they have created in the past 3 months! Junior Innovate (JI) & Young Innovators Challenge (YIC) teams proudly present their creations to all their peers and judges. But more importantly, students across each platform witness each others’ performances all on the same day!

We would like to thank Penang TechFest for hosting us. Thank you DigitalPenang for sponsoring the prizes for ARC, JI & YIC. Thank you to the US Embassy Malaysia for making GameDev showcase possible! And thank you to our partner Chumbaka for enabling the students by giving them the right platform at JI and YIC!