PISF 2021: Say Hello To Our Volunteers

Our PISF 2021 Learning Kit production was off to a great start with these volunteers. Thank you Eqin, Nana and Deng for setting a high bar for the incoming volunteers, and special shoutout to Adam for connecting us!

Almost half of our Learning Kit volunteers are current students of USM! Thank you boys and girls for your hard work and dedication, and making time to be a part of PISF 2021 even while classes are ongoing! Special shoutout to Xue Qi of USM Physics Society for being our bridge to the student community!

One of the best parts of PISF 2021 is our very diverse group of volunteers. A huge thanks to MPKK Lebuh Chulia for working with us throughout the production of Learning Kits, and thank you for your services to the community!

PISF 2021 is designed to boost interest and knowledge of our youth in STEM… but did you know that we also have young volunteers in our midst? Shoutout to 13-year-old JD for volunteering with us–we hope you enjoy participating in PISF just as you enjoyed the process behind the scenes!

We absolutely love seeing parents who are involved and invested in their children’s learning and development. Shoutout to Vernn and JD, the dad-and-son duo who volunteered with us for the weekend!