FIRST® Tech Challenge 2021/2022: Finale

It’s a wrap for FIRST® Tech Challenge 2021/2022!

After two years of remote robotics competitions, last Saturday (25 June 2022) was a great comeback for all of us, including our robotics students from 12 secondary schools in Penang. FIRST® Tech Challenge 2021/2022: Finale has successfully hosted at Penang Science Cluster@Heritage.

Throughout this journey, the students have experienced designing, building, programming, and finally competing in a thrilling robotics competition. It was remarkable to witness their three months journey with the industry mentors who guided them until the finale.

Special thanks to our industry sponsors:
Plexus, Jabil, Motorola Solutions, ViTrox, Agilent, HPMM, Keysight, NI, Greatech, and Micron, making this premier robotics competition possible. They not only provide funds, but they have also given us the opportunity to recruit their staff as volunteers to mentor the FTC teams.

Finally, to the FTC crew members, you guys were awesome!
We appreciate your contribution in volunteering your time and energy in the FIRST® Tech Challenge Finale. Looking forward to having all of you again in our future robotics competitions.

To all Penang students out there, this is just the FIRST step.
See you next season in FIRST® Tech Challenge 2022/2023!