DumpsterBots are raging against mother earth and they are rising up to mess all the trashes on earth, thus decelerating recycling processes. We must act fast to stop the rot and save our Earth’s resources by recycling recyclable trashes.

The Eco-Recyclers squad are in the quest to prevent DumpsterBots from dominating over earth’s trash. Therefore, they are looking for an ultimate Sorter to join their team as Eco-Sorter. An Eco-Sorter must be able to identify, collect, separate and categorize the trash quickly.

Registration and Prizes

Champion: RM 1000 & certificate of achievement

1st runner up: RM 600 & certificate of achievement

2nd runner up: RM 300 & certificate of achievement

Date: 15th November 2015

Venue: SPICE (In conjunction with Penang International Science Fair)

  • All prizes will be in cash vouchers form.
  • Each team will need to pay RM 40 as Registration Fee.
  • Registration opens on 1st August 2015 and will end on 7th September 2015.
  • One sample challenge map will be set up in Penang Science Cluster prior to the competition for robot testing after the team registration is closed. Teams can also choose to purchase the map for RM 70.
  • A briefing session will be held on 12th September 2015. There will be Question & Answer session after the briefing.
  • Should you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact Chiew Wen at 016-4125931 or drop an email to if you have any enquiry.

Register at before 20th September 2015.