Penang International Science Fair (PISF) is an event organized as part of the Penang Science Cluster’s (PSC) mission of “Inspiring Innovation”, which focuses on developing young minds and exposing them to science and engineering through a unique, stimulating and innovative experience.

PISF is a signature event with 2 objectives:
1. Showcase the activities that Pillar Leaders of the PSC have been conducting whole year round with our school students in Penang, and offer opportunities for others to participate in the hands-on science activities.
2. Showcase the high-tech products and expertise available in the industries in Penang and the science and technology behind the products.

This year in Penang International Science Fair 2015, we have several elements happening such as:
1. Exhibition
2. Competition
3. Activities / Workshops
4. MakerFest


Date Time Program Location
14 Nov (Sat) 10.00 am PISF opens to the public. Concourse/Zone D
10.30 am 1st  workshops start Arena
11.00 am Chief Minister arrives for the opening ceremony Stage
12.00 nn Penang Open Robotics Competition for university students Stage
1.00 pm Young Innovate – Announcing Finalists, Briefing and Walkabout for judges
to check finalist projects
Concourse/Zone D
2.30 pm Young Innovate – 5 min pitching (7 finalist teams) Concourse/Zone D
6.00 pm Last workshop session Concourse/Zone A
7.00 pm End of Day 1
Date Time Program Location
15 Nov (Sun) 10.00 am – 7.00 pm Same as above but without the CM & opening ceremony Arena/Concourse
10.00 am Penang Lego Robotics Competition for primary and secondary students

Young Innovate students showcase their product



2.30 pm Coding Competition for secondary students Stage
7.00 pm End of Day 2

Our deepest appreciation to our Sponsors