Maker is expressed by the activities that representing skill, innovation and technology beyond the do it yourself capabilities. In the past the makers movement rather a DIY activities engaged with activities within the range of home improvement, craft making and recreational projects. Today the DIY have evolved into a maker’s culture ranging from woodworking, metalworking, electronics, cnc, 3d printing, programming, robotics, arts and craft. Makers more appropriately a maker culture creates and community by sharing, learning, meet- ups , information repositories and makers networking. Maker’s culture attracted many from educators and students to get away from the complexity of STEM areas (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)more into the practical approach making learning more fun.

Today Penang Science Cluster proudly presents the makers community for an opportunity to giving you a freedom of the work space, culture and excitement in technologies, hardware, embedded based projects, 3d printing, programming and many more.

Makerspace @Heritage Gallery