ESTEEM program is the learning of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics) and English through engaging, fun, hands-on, real-life relevant, and inquiry-based learning workshops.ESTEEM = Engaging Science, Technology, Engineering, English and Maths.

ESTEEM program is offered by PenangYouth Development Corporation, who in turn, has asked Penang ScienceCluster (PSC) and Livingston House of Language (LHoL) to run the STEM +English program.The 1st ESTEEM program is currentlyoffered at Karpal Singh Penang Learning Centre. Penang State Governmentintends to build one Learning Centre at each of the 5 Districts inPenang.

Prepare our youth in Penang for the 21st century. Equip them with skill sets needed for the future such as critical thinking/Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS), innovative thinking, English communication skills, perseverance, and collaboration.Motivate students to improve in their academic performance in the areas of STEM and English.

Learning Approach
Students are motivated to improve academically when they are engaged in the learning process. Engagement comes when the learning is fun, hands-on and relevant to their lives either in the understanding of and connection to the world around them.

Preparing our young for the future also involves exposing our students to the various job functions of scientists and engineers, and the impact their innovations have on the world they live in. This may inspire some students to pursue these careers. Inspiration will lead to motivation and willingness to work harder to overcome obstacles.PSC’s approach in STEM is exactly that – sparking interest in learning through fun, hands-on and relevant workshops.

When students are motivated, they drive their own learning either through greater attention and effort in schools, seeking tuition, or accessing resources from internet (through a guided curriculum). Likewise, LHoL aims to help students develop skills for language learning; provide students with opportunities to enjoy learning English, while encouraging a proactive attitude towards learning English.

ESTEEM Class Details
Students will be grouped initially intoage groups: 10-12, 13-15,16-18 years. More classes with differenttiming will be added dependingon enrollment. Class size is 16-20students per class.The exactday and time of classes, andthe starting date, will be determinedwhen the classes are formed.Parents will be notified.*Date and time are subject to change

ESTEEM Calendar
January – August: ESTEEM Learning ProgramAugust – Nov: School ExaminationsDecember – ESTEEM Camps

ESTEEM will cost $20 per month. If student has perfect attendance for that month, the $20 for the month will be used to pay for the following month, ie, effectively ESTEEM is free. ESTEEM is subsidized by the State Government.


Livingston House of Language
In line with its belief in giving back to society, Livingston House of Language (under Harta Intan Group) is partnering with Penang Science Cluster (PSC) to run the ESTEEM Program. Livingston House of Language aims to provide an opportunity for the children to boost their English language skills. The goal is to help develop confidence in the learners via fun and creative modes of language instruction and to impart learning skills which will serve to empower them to realise their potential.