Aims to bring computer science to all schools by offering short coding activities to children in schools that we visit. At the same time, we hope to inspire teachers to run extension activities once we leave the schools.

We have received approval from Jabatan Pendidikan Negeri Pulau Pinang to conduct our workshop/class. Principals and teachers do not need to submit any documentation to JPN.

The cost is ZERO cost for government schools to sign up for our program

2 hours per session and we normally conduct 2 sessions every time we visit your school

Primary and secondary schools

Number of students per session

Recommended Topics
Primary school (Standard 4,5,6) : Scratch
Secondary school (Form 1-5) : Scratch, Python, or Arduino

All equipment including laptop, mouse, extension cable and classroom teaching materials will be prepared by us.

We need teacher to help us to
1. Inform and notify principal of our program
2. Prepare a classroom or lab with a projector that can fit 40 students.
3. Arrange 40 students for each session
4. Prepare the student name list (softcopy and hardcopy) before we go to school (for documentation purpose required by government body)

More questions?
Feel free to contact James to get more information about Code On Wheels or other programs at Penang Science Cluster!
James Loke | 01121495197 | coding@pscpen.com

Watch the video here: