December 2, 2014

Sound like Music

21th December 2014, Sun (9am – 12pm)

Have you ever wondered how an acoustic guitar, xylophone, panpipe, and organ produce the amazing sounds we hear? How neat would it be to go home and tell your parents you made a musical instrument in school today? You may not realize it, but the musical instrument utilizes principles of energy transfer to produce the sounds we hear.

What do engineers do? They apply scientific concepts to produce things of use – all kinds of useful items. Making an instrument based on energy transfer is one good example. This workshop’s engineering challenge is to make some musical instrument and perform a song using the hand made musical instrument.
This is a international standard SCIENCE workshop for kids. After this workshop, kids should be able to:
  • Design a device that utilizes physical principles of energy transfer.
  • Explain that high frequencies produce high-pitched sounds, and low frequencies produce low-pitched sounds.
  • Distinguish between frequency and amplitude.
  • Work as a team and cultivating leadership skill.
  • Exert their creativity during the ongoing activities.
  • Cultivating engineering problem solving method and mindset.
  • Enthusiasm and discover the funny things about the SCIENCE.
  • Relate the concept of SCIENCE to the daily life.
Date : 21 December 2014
Time : 9am – 12pm
Age Requirement : 9 – 12 years old
Organized by: Wong Jia Huey and Tee Huey Yi