July 1, 2014

Pressure-In-A-Box Workshop

17th July, Thurs 430pm-6pm

Pressure-In-A-Box Workshop

All of us are facing the pressure in the air surrounding us everyday. Do you know the science behind the pressure and how does it impact us everyday? Do you know the wind blowing day and night, car braking system, hydraulic jack used by firefighter, syringe used by doctor are all related to pressure?

In this workshop you will get to be a scientist. Explore the pressure in fluid and discover how it works. Experiment with factors that are important in generating larger pressure and discovery the way to generate large amount of force that you could not imagine. Have fun investigate a compressed air car and find out how this could be the green and environmental friend solution to our future.

Recommended age group: 8-10 yrs
Things that participants are required to bring to workshop: N/A

Sponsored by Mother Nature Science, specialised in developing and delivering high quality science educational and entertaining programmes for children.