September 12, 2015

PIC18F MCU Hands-on Workshop (module 2)

6th – 8th Oct 2015, Tues – Thurs (9am – 5pm).
This three days workshop aims to equip participants with the fundamental understanding and skills needed to construct and program a PIC18F Microcontroller based project. This workshop is designed to be beginner friendly even he/she does not have concrete basic in electrical and writing embedded program. During hands-on session, participants are given opportunities to develop program for their own PIC Microcontroller board towards sharpening their programming skills and unleash their creativity. We will be using PIC18F4550 as the microcontroller and there are more than 10 assignments for whole workshop. Check out the news of PIC18F on PTK40A here and photos during previous workshop we have at PSC, Penang.
*Please bring your own laptop with Win XP, 7 or 8.
Course Outline:
1. Introduction to Robotics, PIC MCU and Microchip Inc.
2. Guide to interpreting and understanding datasheet of PIC18F4550
3. PIC’s Peripherals
4. Development tools and C Language
5. Hands-on project:
• ADC, reading analog voltage
• Reading 4×4 Matrix Keypad
• System Integration: Password Door Security
• Bonus: UART, serial communication with computer
6. Familiarize with C language program development
Material Included:
  • Workshop slide in pdf format
  • MPLAB X IDE and XC8 C Compiler installer
  • Hands-On Labsheet and solutions
  • Lab Hands-Out in hard copy
  • PTK40A training kit is included in the package
Duration: 3 day (7 hours each day)
Fee:RM1500(RM1250.00 per pax, Early Bird discount, register and pay before 22nd September 2015)
Status: Open for registration (Open for public, anyone interested can register) by adding to shopping cart and make payment.
Food: Breakfast, Lunch and afternoon tea Included.
Accomodation: Not included