March 3, 2015

Music Video Making with iPad

MV Making with iPad.001

22th March 2015, Sun(2pm – 4pm), Age: 12 years old and above.

Is producing a music video sounds complicated and seems like a high budget project with many expensive gigs to you?

What if you can make a complete professional looking music video with just your iOS devices, would that be awesome?

In this workshop you will learn some technique of video shooting, synchronise your music with videos, editing with iMovie and share your very own music video to the world just by using an iPad or iPhone itself.

Age Requirement : 12 years old and above

Things that participants are required to bring to workshop:
1. iPad with iMovie Version 2.1.1
2. Any song of your choice (Record your own song cover is highly recommended)

Workshop Organiser: SAMWISEMUSIC