June 24, 2014

Modelling with Sketchup Level 2: Design your own house

20th July, Sun, 230pm – 430pm 

housesBe your own architect and design your dream house! At the end of the class, you will learn how to use intermediate tools and modifier keys to create models of houses. This is the continuation class from level 1 Sketchup

Pre-requisites: You need to know how to draw basic shapes in Sketchup and use the push/pull tool to extrude the shapes. You also need to be familiar with the pan (hand), orbit and zoom tools.

Age: 10 and above
Requirements: Please bring your own laptop installed with Sketchup Make and a mouse with scroll wheel for the class
Sketchup Make download link:
For Windows
Organized by Simplifi3D
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20th July