December 4, 2014


23th December 2014, Tues (2pm – 4pm)

Mathe-gami focuses on teaching mathematics through an “active experience”. Through the art of paper folding we open a new perspective for students to discover the mathematical relationships. For example by studying the crease patterns a student is able to understand better the intrinsic relationship between angles and lines. This simplifies the learning of geometry and builds an experiential base for further learning. Paper folding also offers an opportunity to illustrate ideas such as motion, transformation and geometry which are standard fare in the mathematic curricular. Through Mathe-gami we aim to harness all these advantages in paper folding to help strengthen the understanding of mathematics for aspiring students.


Benefits of Mathe-gami

  • Develops patience
  • Builds hand eye coordination
  • Engages left and right brain
  • Develops sequencing skill
  • Builds attention span
Date : 23 December 2014
Time : 2pm – 4pm
Age Requirement : 7 – 12 years old