December 4, 2014

Tinker Thinks : Let’s fix it !

15th December 2014, Mon (1pm – 5pm)

The goal of this workshop is to cultivate creativity, innovation, and teamwork. Participants will bring their broken toys and learn how they function, disassemble them appropriately then identify the problems, and try their best to put them back into working order. If the toys are beyond repair, then the working parts are salvaged and used to create functioning toys. Participants will be divided into groups, and challenge among themselves by creating toys from the broken toys. This will be an interesting and challenging workshop for participants to develop their motor skill, tools handling skill, and problem solving skill. After completing this workshop, participants will either take home their working toys or skills that they acquired in the workshop.

Date : 15 December 2014
Time : 1pm -5pm
Age Requirement : 10 years old and above