July 15, 2015

Fire Safety begins with You Campaign

31st July 2015, Fri (2pm – 3pm), Open to all.


DO YOU KNOW? Based on the 2014 statistical report of Malaysia Fire and
Rescue Department, there were a total number of 54,517 fire cases occurred
the whole country; showing an increase of 20,877 cases since
year 2013.This is a concerning figure. According to the 2015 report for
the first half of this year, the total number of fire cases is already
reaching 22,266, ranking high in the states of Selangor, Johor, Perak and
Kuala Lumpur, which is very alarming! Majority of the fire cases involved
buildings, factories, vehicles and gas leakages.

Each year, many premises are destroyed and often many people are killed in
a fire, it is crucial for us to be aware of fire safety and be well
equipped to combat with fire. Malaysians often think that prevention of
theft is far more important than fire. In other words, we always assume
that fire will only take place elsewhere affecting others and will not
occur in our immediate premises affecting us. However, such ignorance can
be fatal. It has been proven through the increasing numbers of fire
incidents statistically reported in the press, where disheartening
consequences of fire causing multiple life loss and damages can’t be
redeemed. Its better safe than sorry!

Everyday and every minute, FIRE INCIDENT CAN OCCUR ANYWHERE!

Contents of the seminar are as bellow:

1. General information on the nature and characteristics of fire
2. How to overcome vehicle on fire
3. Environmental factors that are contributing to a fire
4. Dangers of smokes andways of protection
5. Safe location identification
6. Measures of fire escapes
7. Consequences of fire and fire survival
8. Self-protecting tools / fire extinguisherusage
9. GAS leakage is a silent killer (NEW) – Prevention of damage lead by Toxicosis, explosion and fire
10. Case study reviews and Q&A session

Age Requirement : Open to all
Registration fee : FREE OF CHARGE

Seminar Organizer : Malaysia Fire Prevention Centre (FPC)