July 6, 2015

Programming the Internet of Thing using Node.js* and HTML5

14th July 2015, Tues (9am – 5pm).


JavaScript* is a powerful option for programming the Internet of Things (IoT). Using Node.js*, an event-driven JavaScript runtime, it can be used for programming both endpoint devices and web services. Using HTML5, JavaScript can also be used to develop portable user interface apps that can run on literally any device. Finally, JavaScript is both standardized (as ECMAScript) and supported by high-performance implementations (eg Chrome V8*, used in Node.js*).

In this course we will:
• Present the Node.js and HTML5 JavaScript programming models for IoT.
• Show how high-level communications between different devices can be accomplished using web APIs, web sockets, and remote procedure calls using dnode, a Node.js library.
• Demonstrate an integrated IDE, the Intel® XDK IoT Edition, that can support both Node.js and HTML5.
• Develop a simple but complete IoT system programmed in JavaScript, including hardware assembly and configuration.

Pre-requisites: Basic programming skills. Knowledge of JavaScript useful but not mandatory if attendee has prior experience in C or Java.

Things that participants are required to bring to workshop: Laptop

Workshop Creator/Instructor: Dr. Michael McCool (Intel Software Architect and Principal Engineer)