January 15, 2015

Make your own Arduino


15th February 2015, Sun (1pm – 5pm), Age: 13 years old and above.

This workshop is to learn the design, and assemble an Arduino compatible board.

The goals of this workshop are to learn the design of Arduino Duemilanove and Uno, and learn the proper hand tools handling and soldering techniques. This workshop is suitable for people who would like to get started or know more about Arduino. This is not an Arduino programming workshop, but to learn the design of Arduino board then put together an improved version of Arduino board stage by stage.

* Participants will get to bring home a PCB, electronic components, USB to serial interface, and mini USB cable.

Date : 15 February 2015
Time : 1pm – 5pm
Age Requirement : 13 years old and above

Workshop Creator : Liew Shiuh Deh