September 23, 2014

Linux Basic – 101 Let’s start our OSS journey

This workshop is targeted to expose interested individuals who have no prior experience in using Linux-based OS i.e. 101 level.

In this 2-hour workshop, you will learn how to install a Linux Distro on your Windows laptop and used it as a learning vehicle to explore the wonderful world of Linux-based OS. You will be exposed to some basic but critical shell commands, vim editor, shell environment setting, software package management tool, basic bash script programming.

In the workshop, we will dive deeper into bash scripting so that participants will appreciate the capability of writing powerful bash script to help in development.

Workshop Organizer          : Mr. Ong Boon Leong (Embedded Software Engineer currently working for Intel Corporation, with 12-year experience development)
Workshop Date                         : 26 – Sept – 2014 (Friday)
Workshop time/duration         :  7pm – 9pm (2 hours)

Recommended age group: Years of education level preferably undergraduates or young engineers who have passion in embedded software. Individuals who have interest to hear are welcome.

Things that participants are required to bring to workshop: Individuals should bring their own laptop.