December 2, 2014

Build your own real ROLLER COASTER TYCOON

24th December 2014, Wed (9am – 12pm)

Do you have a thrill riding experience for a roller coaster before? It is sound cool that if you can even make yourself a roller coaster? But the passenger is not you, of course, is the different marble types to represent different passenger load.     

During the design of model roller coasters, students encounter many of the same issues that real-world roller coaster engineers address. In order to build working roller coasters, students must recognize the constraints placed on their designs and the design of real roller coasters by the fundamental laws of physics. Students learn that their ability to understand and work within these constraints is paramount to the success of their roller coasters. This workshop’s engineering challenge is to make the workable and successful roller coasters which can perfectly ride and safely land the passenger. 

This is a international standard SCIENCE workshop for elementary/secondary school student. After this workshop, student should be able to:
  • Explain why it is important for engineers to understand how roller coasters work.
  • Explain in physics terms how their model roller coasters work.
  • Discuss the effects of gravity and friction in the context of their roller coaster designs.
  • Use the principle of conservation of energy to explain the design and layout of roller coasters.
  • Identify points in a roller coaster track at which a car has maximum kinetic and potential energy.
  • Identify points in a roller coaster track where a car accelerates and decelerates.
  • Exert their creativity during the ongoing activities.
  • Work as a team and cultivating leadership skill. 
  • Cultivating engineering problem solving method and mindset. 
  • Enthusiasm and discover the funny things about the SCIENCE. 
Date : 24 December 2014
Time : 9am – 12pm
Age Requirement : 11 – 14 years old 
Organized by : Wong Jia Huey and Tee Huey Yi