July 4, 2014

3D Modelling & Printing Workshop Curriculum

3d course

PSC 3D Modelling and 3D printing workshops are divided into 3 level with different modules to suit the different level of experience of the interested participants. Each of the workshops are designed in a way that participant will find it exciting yet challenging to prepare individuals when advancing to the next level.

Level 1 : For the introduction workshop, participants will learn on the foundation and basic of 3D modelling using “123D Design” software.

Level 2:
[2:1] In 3-Design Geometry, participants will learn on 1D, 2D & 3D. which will allow them to design very specific geometry dimension model. Also, they will be learning certain 3D functional tools with “123D Design” software.

[2:2] In 3-Design Sculpt, participants will be learning how to design organic object such as artistic related designs, monsters and animal. We will conducting the workshop using “Sculptris” software that allows free form designing of a model.

Level 3
[3:1] In this advance level of 3D design called “3D Make” workshop, participants will be having hands-on learning on how to design and make arc reactors. Thereafter, bringing home their work. We will be conducting the workshop using “123D Design” software.

[3:2] For our “3D Build” workshop, participants will learn how to assemble a 3D printer, setup the printer and at the end of workshop, they will be bringing home the end products that they printed as well as the entire printer.

[3:3] In “3D Scan” workshop, participants will get the opportunity to scan their own face and mesh it with a monster’s body. We will work entirely with “123D MeshMixer” and participants will be bringing home their artwork at the end of the day.