The Story of Math

Age: Between 7 to 12 years old
Course duration: 2.0 Month(s)
Class Size: 500
Price Per Pax: RM 0.00

The Story of Math is a poster and video competition for students to showcase the wonderful world of Mathematics by telling a story.

Your poster storytelling must be eye catching and informative. Your video storytelling must be creative and engaging.

Submit your poster and video before the due date 7 November 2021.

Pick one Mathematics topic that interest you. The chosen topic can be from the school syllabus or outside the school syllabus. Research how your chosen topic was created and how it is applied in today’s world. Your story must have a theme (based on the chosen Mathematics topic), plot (introduction, climax and conclusion) and characters. Then, create an original story based on your chosen topic.

What will you learn:

To expose students to the wide world of Mathematics.

To encourage fun and friendly learning of Mathematics among students.

To encourage independent learning, researching, literary and presentation skills among students.

To develop students’ critical thinking, creativity, curiosity, confidence and social skills.



What you need to bring:

Refer to Info Pack here;