The Journey to Skills

  • The Journey to Skills

We will bring the kids embark on the journey of Science ( Hard skill) and
Soft skill!

Kids are assigned a specific role and as a team, they overcome all the obstacles to get the treasure.

They will be sailing in the boat they design and build, and fight against the storm, make
catapult to defeat the enemies, resolving clues given to them to unlock
the treasure.

Kids will be celebrating their wins in the camp fire where
they will be self directing and act in the show.

Parents are invited to attend the show.

*Lunch is provided

What will you learn:

We bring science to classroom, and we made science alive by the soft skills!

If science is hard skill, we are bringing the HARD SKILL and SOFT SKILL in this classroom!!

We ignite the creativity and design thinking in kids – kids will design
and build boat and catapult based on drawing and material given.

made the learning ‘soft’ for kids – kids will be leaders and team
players, problem solver, decision maker, communicator and presenter.

We made the learning fun – It is play camp! kids are playing while learning in the extreme engaged and brain teasing set-up.

At the end of the lesson, kids will direct and act out a show to showcase what they have learned.

We don’t lose, we win experience.

Never competition, only collaboration.



What you need to bring:

Stationary, scissors, water tumbler, sweater/jacket

  • Age:8 - 12 years old
  • Course duration:7 hour(s)
  • Class size:20
  • Price per pax:RM 80.00