Rekayu Woodworking Makerspace Membership (RMM22-001)

Age: 15 years old and above
Course duration: 30.0 Day(s)
Class Size: 100
Price Per Pax: RM 100.00

Our Woodworking Makerspace is called Rekayu and is a fully equipped space open to members from 7am through 7pm, 7 days a week.

Rekayu is complete with most tools you would need to create something using wood as a resource. We have cordless drills and drivers, jigsaws, sanders, planes, a couple of bandsaws, 2 lathes, a table saw and also an articulated mitre saw. We will soon have our own spray/paint booth too and in addition to the numerous jigs we’ve made over the years, you should be able to do your woodworking better, more quickly and more safely too.

What will you learn:

As a member of Rekayu, you will also be part of the Rekayu community where you can seek advice from other members or the supervisors. Bring along your ideas and talk it over with the supervisors or senior members and create away!

Whether it’s how best to join something, or how to get a better finish on your creations, you can count on the Rekayu community to help you out.


New members need to pay an RM60 Registration Fee.

Mandatory safety training will be provided and the cost of this is covered under this fee. This training will last from 3-5 hours and will acquaint you with the safe and most efficient operation of the major tools in the workshop.

We have a booking system to prevent overcrowding so you will need to book your time slots which you can do up to 2 weeks in advance.

What you need to bring:

We have some PPE in-house though you will need to provide your own dust mask. We also require covered footwear while in the workshop.Besides that, bring your ideas and your enthusiasm and we will help you realise your ideas!

Contact John of Rekayu today on +6010 8077548 or