Professional Picture and Herbarium Frame by Rekayu (RC22-003)

Age: Between 15 to 60 years old
Course duration: 1.0 Day(s)
Class Size: 4
Price Per Pax: RM 380.00

Make a professional A3-sized picture frame with a two-layer glass sandwich and a wooden frame to highlight your favourite photo or herbarium (dried flowers and leaves) creative design.

The frame is of a solid hardwood and incorporates professional features such as mitred and splined corners.

Class size is 2-4 pax and we will try to accommodate participants’ schedules in arranging a class.

What will you learn:

You will learn how to use power tools such as a table saw, a mitre saw and a sander in order to cut and prepare the components, then will learn how to accurately assemble mitred corners. After the glue has dried, you will then cut and insert splines in the corners to increase rigidity and strength then will finish your frame with a long lasting lacquer. All tools and materials and even lunch will be provided.


1. No prior woodworking experience needed.
2. Just an eagerness to learn, and some confidence in your ability to learn how to use power tools.

What you need to bring:

1. Your favourite photo to fit or your own Herbarium collection.
2. Dust mask.
3. Covered Shoes