Maya 3D Arts for everyone (4-weeks course)

  • Maya 3D Arts for everyone (4-weeks course)

Computer Animation had became the most influential medium for artist around the world.

It is a tool for artist to create a three dimensional visual imagery and turn it into a storytelling in the computer.

Autodesk Maya is the animation industry favorite in production. In this program we will be learning 3D Animation.

The first step to learn this program is that the student will learn on how to model simple 3D objects, characters and environment.

They will understand on how to apply textures, lighting and render as a beginner.

This program will teach a simple way on how to model 3D object and character.

*Participants will receive a certificate of completion after finishing this course

What will you learn:

Week 1 : INTRODUCTION (19 Aug)

-To understand what geometry is when using 3D software
-Understanding Maya

Week 2. MODELING (26 Aug)
-Have a good knowledge in using modeling toolkit in Maya

Week 3- LIGHTING (1 Sept)
-Understand on how to apply basic lighting and material like how you set lighting on stage.

Week 4- FINAL POLISHING (8 Sept)
-Bonus knowledge of 3D Animation in Maya
-Rendering the final piece of the work.


It is required to have a computer for every student.

Compatible with using Win 7 and above or Mac and you will need to download this software from Autodesk Maya trial version.

*we can provide laptop and mouse to participant, just let us know in advanced

What you need to bring:

Laptop & mouse

  • Age:12 years old and above
  • Course duration:6 hour(s)
  • Class size:20
  • Price per pax:RM 50.00