Flexi-Programming (4 sessions) – Saturday

  • Flexi-Programming (4 sessions) - Saturday
  • Flexi-Programming (4 sessions) - Saturday

There will be no class on November 26th (Sunday)

Pick a Language

  • Python
  • Matlab
  • Perl
  • HTML & CSS Web Design
  • Latex Typesetting
  • Command-line Linux
  • Shell Scripting

Pick a Slot

Saturday 2pm to 5pm or Sunday, 10am to 1pm 

Flexi-Pace Programming

Learn at your own pace. Advance through course materials from your own screen, at your own pace. Teacher will move from one student or student pair to the next, to explain, guide, and support. Each student will receive personal attention.

If you’re unsure, register for the ‘First Time’ version of this course to try and see if you like it!

What will you learn:

– Variables & arrays

– Loops & nested loops

– Booleans & conditionals

– Printing & plotting

– Functions, arguments & recursive calls

– File input & output

– Logic & flowcharting

– Debugging skills & good programming practice

– Plus some Linux!


Intro or refresher will be provided where necessary.

Teenagers & adults welcome!

No programming experience required.

Anyone who is able to google shall be fine.

What you need to bring:

Yourself and an inquisitive mind (and optionally, your laptop)

  • Age:15 years old and above
  • Course duration:12 hour(s)
  • Class size:30
  • Price per pax:RM 233.20