Crypto League 2020

Age: Between 6 to 18 years old
Course duration: 1.5 Month(s)
Class Size: 100
Price Per Pax: RM 0.00

Do you like breaking codes and solving ciphers? Can you crack the code & seek the truth?

Then, Crypto League 2020 is for you!

For the first time, we are delighted to bring you Crypto League 2020! This competition is open to students aged 6-18 in Malaysia. You just need your wits & get into decoding the problems. Use your mathematics & cryptology skills, and stand a chance to win some great prizes! Are you excited?

Are you excited?

For more details, click on the links below;
Infopack Slides:
Infopack Video:

What will you learn:

Learn about encryption, decryption, plaintext, ciphertext and keys. Not forgetting, basic mathematics operations that will help you cipher and decipher codes!



What you need to bring:

Electronic device (Phone, Laptop, Computer etc), Internet connection and a valid email