AgriTech 2023 School Registration

Age: Between 11 to 16 years old
Course duration: 6.0 Month(s)
Class Size: 96
Price Per Pax: RM 0.00

AgriTech 2023 is a program sponsored by ams OSRAM and organized by Penang Science Cluster.

There are two in-person workshops available for students:
Workshop 1 will teach students how to garden and care for plant. In addition, students will be taught techniques on writing scientific reports, collecting data and analyzing data.
Workshop 2 will allow students to present their the Phase 1 reports and they will also learn how to apply sensors and micro:bit in their planting and plant care processes.

The AgriTech 2023 Group Challenge will be announced and discussed at the end of Workshop 2. Finally, students will attend the Closing and Prize Presentation Ceremony to present their Group Challenge results to a panel of invited jury.
Students will also showcase their planting results for guests and VIPs to view.
The winners of the AgriTech 2023 Group Challenge will be announced during this Closing Ceremony.

Registration is open for students at the age of 11 and 16 years old only.
Kindly ask your teacher to fill in the registration form.

What will you learn:

1. To investigate the effects of wavelengths/colours of light on the growth of plants.
2. To expose students on the use of sensors in the growth of plants.
3. To spark student's interest the modern techniques and knowledge of agriculture.
4. To further develop the understanding of factors affecting the growth of plants
5. To nurture a sense of responsibility and promoting soft skills amongst students



What you need to bring: