3D Modelling Workshop For Beginners

  • 3D Modelling Workshop For Beginners

Bored of looking at your idea on a paper? Why not translate your idea into a reality?

What will you learn:

What is 3D modelling?

3D modeling is the process of creating a 3D
representation of any object by manipulating polygons, edges, and
vertices in simulated 3D space.

In this workshop, you will learn
the basic of 3D modelling and create your own 3D model.

You will also
have a chance to print out your idea and bring back your own 3D printed

*FreeCad is used to conduct in this workshop*



What you need to bring:


  • Age:13 - 20 years old
  • Course duration:8.5 hour(s)
  • Class size:20
  • Price per pax:RM 25.00


1 Date:24 November 2018, Saturday Time:9:30am - 5:00pm Location:Penang Science Cafe @Heritage Registration Deadline:23 November 2018, Friday