3D Modeling & Animation

Age: 13 years old and above
Course duration: 2.0 Hour(s)
Class Size: 30
Price Per Pax: RM 200.00

This wokshop is dedicated for computer artist who are heading into 3D animation especially for games and entertainment.
Software :Blender 3D

What will you learn:

Blender 3D is a 3D animation software that is used by film and game industry today.

Most primary school and secondary schools students are using Blender 3D to create virtual worlds in 3D.

In this workshop, they will be able to create their own 3D modeling and animation contents and storytelling, for example, showcasing 3D models as their portfolio work on a website or create an animation video.

Class conduct: Modeling, Sculpting, Animation and Lighting class in Blender.


Participants who are interested in visual art and 3D animation program for hobby or career path.

What you need to bring:

Your own laptop & mouse