Update: Project Lit Up

In late 2020, Penang Science Cluster launched Project Lit Up and distributed over 200 tablets containing Kit Kit School app to children aged 4 to 6 years old from high need communities across Penang, Malaysia.

The children came to the distribution session accompanied by parents who took precious time off work, among them truck drivers and stall owners in the local market. For many of the parents, this was the first time their child has received any sort of educational intervention.

The children completed their pre-tests, and were given guidance on how to use the app. The app will allow children to learn both English and Mathematics independently from the comfort of their homes, especially in the midst of the pandemic.

We were so happy to see enthusiastic young learners, and to receive encouragement from parents who dedicate time for their children's learning even on weekends!

Now, two months into the program, the children are still diligently learning from home with Kit Kit School app, and having fun along the way! Many of the parents are sharing how their children are initiating the learning sessions at home, asking for the tablets from their parents during their leisure time.

The children are spurred on by the stars and coins they are collecting, while their parents happily share good news about their improvement in numeracy and literacy. In such a short period of time, we are already hearing stories about the children being able to recognize alphabets and spelling short words and the numbers up to 10.

Some parents proudly share that their children can count up to 100 and are also able to complete addition and subtraction exercises! Some parents also share that their children are happy to watch the videos in the library to take breaks from completing exercises.

Shoutout to SuperMoms and SuperDads for balancing work and home during this time, while ensuring the well-being and development of their children. We tip our hats to you. Special mention to siblings for making this learning experience definitely a more interesting one.

Thank you to our community partners across Penang for working so closely with us!

Huge thank you to Enuma for providing us with free licenses to Kit Kit School so our children have a fair chance at learning, even during this time!

Project Lit Up is kindly sponsored by Intel Foundation. Thank you for supporting Penang Science Cluster in our efforts to make quality education accessible for all. We couldn't have done this without you!