July 21, 2016

My Favourite Alien Parade Competition


(1) Let the kids have fun dressing up and acting as aliens

(2) Let the kids learn about exoplanets that have been discovered and the conditions that exist on these exoplanets.

(3) Let the kids learn about conditions that are suitable for life on these exoplanets.

(4) During the “Alien Interview Sessions” the kids will learn to apply their critical thinking using logic and scientific concepts concerning how other kinds of life forms can be found in the universe.

Rules of Competition

(1) Just before the competition starts, Dr. Chong Hon Yew will give a short briefing to the kids and their parents regarding the rules of the competition and how the performances of the “aliens” will be judged.

(2) The kids should dressed themselves up to look like (or make themselves look like) “aliens”. They can either do this at home before coming for the competition or dress themselves up with materials provided for them in Wisma Yeap Chor Ee.

(3) Two judges will be appointed for this competition.

(a) Dr. Chong Hon Yew

(b) Another judge from Penang Science Cluster

(4) During the competition the “”Encounter With The Aliens” will be made when the “aliens” will parade on stage one-by-one. The judges, parents and visitors can be present. The two judges will judge the “aliens” one-by-one according to the two criteria:

(a) Appearance and behaviour of the “aliens” based on appeal to the eye, scientific correctness and appropriateness of behavior of the “aliens”.

(b) An interview with each “alien” will be conducted by the two judges. The judges can ask each “alien” a few questions related to the appearance of the “aliens”, the conditions of their “home planets” and other relevant questions.

(c) 50% marks will be given for Part (a) and 50% marks will be given for Part (b).

(5) Prizes should be awarded to the winners of this competition.

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