Be Our Partners & Sponsors

As a non-profit organization, we strive to keep our operational costs low. PSC is happy to say that companies and the community recognize the value that we provide and are stepping forward to help us.

We welcome all perspectives partner who wish to work with us and help PSC to accomplish her mission in inspiring innovation among the young.

How You and PSC Can Work Together
  • Start TechMentor program in a school of your choice. Help recruit mentors.
  • PSC can organize workshops for school students at our Science Cafes
  • Companies can run CSR programs with our workshops at our Science Cafes or elsewhere
  • Run your workshops at our Science Cafes
  • Buy from us
    • Authorized Distributor for Lego Mindstorms set,
    • Authroized Distributor for Arduino Sets
    • and offers 3D printing services
  • Be our volunteers

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