SPM Sciences in 4D

  • SPM Sciences in 4D
  • SPM Sciences in 4D

The workshop sets out to kick-start students’ SPM preparation. The objectives of the workshop are to enable students a better grasp and understanding of SPM syllabus and to make learning fun using the latest technology – Augmented Reality.

What will you learn:

The materials introduced in the workshop are specially picked and designed by highly qualified and experienced teachers. The topics which uses AR are those topics that are difficult for students to understand, for example, process of DNA replication, magnetic fields, electricity generation, chemical bonding process, and many more… come and see these topics come alive in 4D… Seeing is believing.
The workshop selects some of the topics in Physics, Biology and Chemistry and focuses on teaching the students how to use AR, using AR to interact with the learning materials, and allow the students to explore themselves.


Current form 4/5 students or school year

What you need to bring:

A mobile device with (Android or IOS) – tablet or smart phone

  • Age:16 - 18 years old
  • Course duration:3 hour(s)
  • Class size:20
  • Price per pax:RM 84.80