DIY your own speaker (mono)

  • DIY your own speaker (mono)

What is loudspeaker ? It is a device where the electricity is been converted into sound. What’s the magic behind this device ? It is called the Amplifier ! A small box-like object with 8 silver legs, almost like an electronic spider that do all the work for you. It amplifies your audio signal from your playback device to sound you can listen to ! The most important is you can bring home and enjoy after that 🙂 !

What will you learn:

Soldering ! You will learn how to use soldering skills to solder all the electronic components including building the chassis and your creativity to create your very own DIY speaker.


High maker spirit and curiousity to explore new things.

What you need to bring:

Power Bank 


  • Age:7 years old and above
  • Course duration:1.5 hour(s)
  • Class size:20
  • Price per pax:RM 31.80