DIY Kaleidoscope Workshop

  • DIY Kaleidoscope Workshop

A kaleidoscope is an optical instrument, typically a cylinder or round tube with mirrors containing loose, coloured objects such as marbles, crystals, beads, plastic, straw, glass pieces or other transparent materials.  It has a peephole at one end.

A kaleidoscope works by reflecting light that bumps into a reflective surface such as a mirror. It has three rectangular mirrors 60 degrees to each other.  These three mirrors form an equilateral triangle.

When a kaleidoscope is turned, the pieces move and a different design can be seen. The reflections bounce back and forth inside the tube creating various images. What a person sees when looking through the eyehole is never exactly the same twice.

What will you learn:

Participant will learn the meaning of the wording Kaleidoscope.  The word kaleidoscope comes from the Greek words “kal(os)” which means beautiful, “eido(s)” which means shape, and “scope” which means viewing.  The participant will transform a paper towel tube into a beautiful kaleidoscope craft. The participant will understand the concept of repurpose and upcyling for this workshop.  The participant will explore about the property of light, reflections and symmetrical patterns.



What you need to bring:


  • Age:7 years old and above
  • Course duration:2 hour(s)
  • Class size:30
  • Price per pax:RM 31.80