Catapult Challenge

  • Catapult Challenge

Catapult is a ballistic device used to launch a projectile in a great distance without the aid of explosive device. However, it required creativity and skill  to score using catapult. So, don’t waste any time, grab this opportunity to make your own catapult and score higher to have a chance to be a winner!

What will you learn:

By doing all these, you will be able to learn about projectile motion, different type of energy, and basic engineering concept about catapult! At the end of the session, you can test how powerful your catapult by challenging mission and other people. Now it’s time for you to be a master of catapult!!



What you need to bring:


  • Age:6 years old and above
  • Course duration:2 hour(s)
  • Class size:16
  • Price per pax:RM 5.00