Workshop Schedule

Penang International Science Fair

Name Session(s)
PISF'17 Mobile App Challenge
PISF'17 Python Programming Challenge
PISF'17 Scratch Project Competition
PISF'17 rero Robotics and Coding Challenge
PISF'17 Lego Robotics Challenge
PISF'17 Robot Games - Robot Sumo

Penang Science Cafe @Heritage

Name Session(s)
Makers’ Garage Membership for Students
Makers’ Garage Membership for Adults
Flexi-Programming (4 sessions) - Saturday
Flexi-Programming (Trial) - Sunday
Flexi-Programming (4 sessions) - Sunday
Flexi-Programming (Trial) - Saturday

Penang Science Cafe @Krystal

Name Session(s)
Rubik's Cube for Beginners (Family Version)
Lego Robotics Level 1 : Introductory
DIY your own speaker (mono)

Penang Science Cafe @Alma

Name Session(s)
Arduino Level 1 : Making Music with Banana
Arduino Level 2 : Lights Up My Arduino
Scratch - Create my own Game!
Scratch Lvl 2 - Create Your Own Cartoon