Vocational Skills Employment Program (VSEP) is a collaborative program between Fourier Technical Consultants (FTC), Small & Medium Enterprises Association Malaysia (SAMENTA) and Penang Science Cluster (PSC).

VSEP aims to equip vocationally inclined SPM school leavers with relevant technical skills and work experience through hands-on and practical on-the-job training during their full-time work in a Small and Medium Enterprise (SME), while studying part-time for a City & Guilds (UK) International Vocational Certification program at FTC.

Upon successful completion of the entire VSEP, participants will be awarded with a City & Guilds (UK) Diploma in the respective disciplines.

VSEP targets poor, vocationally inclined (good with hands) SPM school leavers. Academic performance is not important. What is important is a positive attitude to learn and work hard. Applicants MUST have own transport to join VSEP.

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VSEP Path and Salary Progression

VSEP offers UK’s City and Guilds (C&G) certification in the following path:

  • C&G 3529 Proficiency Certificate (6 months duration)
  • C&G 2850 Level 1 Certificate (12 months duration)
  • C&G 2850 Level 2 Advance Certificate (18 months duration)
  • C&G 2850 Level 3 Diploma (18 months duration)

Table below shows the salary structure:

C&G Course Course Fees PSC & Company Sponsor Minimum Employee Pay Duration
C&G Foundation in Engineering RM300 RM300 RM 900** 6 months
C&G Certificate (Level 1) RM300 RM300 RM 950** 12 months
C&G Advanced Certificate(Level 2) RM400 RM400 Based on job performance 18 months
C&G Diploma  (Level 3) RM600 RM600 Based on job performance

18 months

**Some companies may pay higher than this figure.

VSEP Process Flow

  1. Interested applicants submit application form (available from ADUN, PSC, SAMENTA or FTC) or online.
  2. SME interviews selected applicants after vetting by FTC.
  3. Successful applicant reviews job offer by SME. If applicant accepts job offer, applicant signs another agreement with FTC and SME which obliges applicant to repay the course fees if applicant quits the program halfway.
  4. Candidate attends a few days of training at FTC prior to starting work.
  5. Candidate starts work at SME (becomes employee) and attends classes at FTC after work.
  6. Employee successfully completes C&G 3529 Proficiency Certificate after 6 months. Employee signs new agreement with FTC and SME for the next phase, ie C&G 2850 Level 1 Certificate, which will take 12 months.
  7. Above step repeats as employee successfully passes each certification level and moves into the next higher level.

C&G Certification

Courses offered are:

  1. Electrical & Electronic Engineering
  2. Mechanical Manufacturing Engineering
  3. Mechatronics Technology
  4. Logistics and Supply Chain Management
  5. Computerized Accounting

Please visit often for more updates on the Courses offered. 

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Hiring companies in VSEP are SMEs in general, and typically small businesses.

Applicants will get to know the hiring companies when they are called up for interviews. We will attempt to match applicants to a company based on your job preferences indicated on the submitted forms and closest to your home address.

No. Completing Form 5 is good enough.

Payback amount depends on how many months you have started in that phase. For eg, if you have worked only 4 months in the Proficiency phase, you will have to payback $300 * 4 months = $1200 if you stop without completion. If you complete that phase, then no payback is needed.

Applicant must have own transport and must be 18-20 years of age.

Employees joining VSEP after Form 5 will get a minimum basic salary of RM $900 per month. Take home pay will be less after the statutory deductions of EPF, Socso etc.

After completing the C&G Proficiency Certification in 6 months, employees will move to the next phase, C&G Level 1 where the minimum salary will increase $950 per month. These are minimum salary. Some hiring companies may pay higher salaries.

Classes are currently held at FTC premises at 2-2-2 Bangunan Lip Sin, Lebuh Pekaka 1, Taman Pekaka, Gelugor,11700 Pulau Pinang. FTC has plans to establish additional training centres in Butterworth.

Please send email to

Different companies offer different benefits. Please check during interviews.

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