April 23, 2018

GreenSmiths Projects – Eco Water Pump Project at Ulu Muda Field Research Center

Did you ever think you would build an eco-friendly water pump at an eco-lodge in the middle of the rainforest?

We are looking for interested young Makers to be part of this journey with GreenSmiths, to solve a real-life environmental problem with us. Join us and be amazed at your own ability to create a functioning water pump and develop leadership skills in the process.

Why is this expedition happening?
The Ulu Muda Field Research Centre (UMFRC) is deep in the heart of the rainforest. Currently, it uses noisy, smelly and expensive petrol pumps that disturb wildlife to provide water for the facilities. We believe there is a sustainable and cleaner solution using our prototype design, but this has not been constructed to full-scale yet. If we can create a sustainable water pump, we can share the design with others, helping more people to reduce their carbon footprint.

Why join us?
Participants will get first-hand maker experience building a water pump from scratch, learn some basic engineering skills and then embark on an expedition to the Ulu Muda Rainforest in Kedah on 29th June – 1st July 2018, to install the water pump at UMFRC. During this expedition participants also experience the beauty of the rainforest and learn about Malaysian wildlife.

Overview of GreenSmiths Programmes
Our programmes are based on experiential learning and aim to engage participants with a real-life problem. Leadership development is also a core part of our programme and we cultivate this by facilitating participants to reflect on their growth. In all our expeditions, we delegate responsibilities to participants to experience leading each other and working towards achieving the desired outcomes of the expedition.

Who are we?
GreenSmiths envision a future where young people build a sustainable planet for all life on earth. We facilitate project-based expeditions and provide the necessary expertise to empower young people to collaborate, address real-life environmental situations and continuously rethink how we engage with the natural world.

Requirements to apply
1. Applicants must be between the age of 16 – 24 years old
2. An inquisitive spirit
3. An eagerness to contribute to efforts to preserve our natural environment
4. Applicants must commit to all three days of training and three days of field work in the Ulu Muda rainforest

Course logistics
● Duration: 3 training days over 3 weekends
o 9th June 2018, 2 – 6pm, Penang Science Cluster
o 16th June 2018, 2 – 6 pm, Penang Science Cluster
o 23rd June 2018, 2 – 6pm, Chumbaka Penang

● Duration 3 days
● Dates: 29th June – 1st July 2018
● Location: Ulu Muda Rainforest, Kedah

Because this is a unique opportunity, spaces are very limited, thus we will be collecting the following commitment fee:
● For government school students: RM300
● For university students: RM400

The commitment fee is non-refundable and includes return transport from Penang, all food, accommodation, safety equipment, and activities.

We believe everyone who is keen should have the opportunity to participate regardless of background and financial circumstances, so if you are facing financial difficulties we urge you to not be discouraged – send in your application, and the GreenSmiths team will do our best to subsidize your fees.

Fill up the application form below by 19th May 2018. – English – BM

Shortlisted applicants will be notified by email with further instructions.

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