TechMentor Program

To spark interest in students on science and technology and to mentor the students to help them learn in a fun and engaging approach while creating their own solutions to the challenges.

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Penang International Science Fair

Focuses on developing young minds and exposing them to science and engineering through a unique, stimulating and innovative experience.

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Penang Science Cafe

A public social space for all members of our community to come together to have fun learning, interacting and making science-related stuff.

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Workshops by Penang Education Council


A series of workshops will be conducted by Penang Education Council. PHONICS WORKSHOP    DATE:  3, 4 and 5 JUNE 2015( Wed, Thu& Fri) TIME:  9.00am – 5.00pm Venue: Hindu Endowment Board, Jalan Macalister   GROSS & FINE MOTOR DEVELOPMENT WORKSHOP Date: 8 JUNE 2015 (Mon)             9 JUNE 2015(Tue) Time: […]



12th, 13th, June 2015 (1pm-6pm) and14th June 2015 (9am – 5pm), Age: 9-12 years old. Good news robot enthusiasts! LEt’sGO CAMP is here!!! – a sequel to Robotics workshops specially brought to you by PSC in conjunction with the June school holidays! What you can expect from this 3 days fun-filled camp? 1. Cooperate in […]



By Chua Sue-Ann and Jennifer Jacob Feb, 16th 2015 / in: When Louis Ooi first got his hands on a 3D (three dimensional) printer, he didn’t do what most people would do, which was to immediately print physical objects. Never mind that this is what 3D printers are supposed to do: print layers upon layers […]

Dr LoLo : Fun with Science – SPY – Se...


10th, 11th, 12th June 2015, (9am – 12pm), Age: 10 – 12 years old. Dr LOLO is back ! This time, he’s recruiting young and intelligent SPIES to help him fight against thieves. “A group of thieves have infiltrated our island and stolen all the candies that we have. Now, we need you guys to track down these thieves […]

Dodomons – Crafting With Electr...


10th June 2015, Wed (2pm – 4pm), Age: 9 years old and above. Kids learn to doodling, crafting and simple circuit knowledge from the workshop. Through the knowledge learn from Dodomons’s workshop, kids can create or design their ‘products’ and build their own projects from early age. Participant are required to bring : Color Pen, Pencil, Eraser. Age Requirement : […]

Lego Robotics Level 1 – Introdu...


11th June 2015, Thurs (1pm-5pm), Age: 9 years old and above. An introductory level workshop designed for students without any prior experience in Robotics. In this 4 hour workshop, students will learn the basics of robot building and programming through the Lego Mindstorm EV3 sets. A great entry level workshop for students aged 9 and […]

Tinker thinks: Let’s fix it

2015-01-12 18.22.46

9th June 2015, Tues (1pm – 5pm), Age: 13 years old and above. This workshop is to cultivate creativity, innovation, and teamwork. Participants will take apart broken toys, and either fix them or salvage the parts to restore other toys. Participants will select a couple of remote control toys that are donated to PSC and learn how […]

Fun with Math : Division


31st May 2015, Sun ( 10am – 12pm ), Age: 10 – 12 years old. Division has always been a challenging math skill especially for primary school pupils. We invite you to come over and discover division through fun and stimulating games. Get ready to solve puzzles and crack codes in teams. Learn to solve […]

Hand On with Google Cardboard Virtual...

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13th June 2015, Sat ( 9am – 12pm ), Age: 11 – 14 years old. Virtual Reality or VR, this term became popularized especially in the gaming field since after Oculus VR actively invented some amazing VR related products. What do you think of when you heard a term “Virtual Reality” ? Do you imagine someone wearing a clunky helmet attached […]

Introduction to Arduino and Programmi...


1st June 2015, Mon(9am – 12pm), Age: 13 years old and above. Arduino is a rapid electronic prototyping platform composed by the  Arduino board and the Arduino IDE. An introductory level workshop designed for the people without any prior experience in Arduino. In this workshop, the participant will learn the basic of the Arduino function […]


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