TechMentor Program

To spark interest in students on science and technology and to mentor the students to help them learn in a fun and engaging approach while creating their own solutions to the challenges.

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Penang International Science Fair

Focuses on developing young minds and exposing them to science and engineering through a unique, stimulating and innovative experience.

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Penang Science Cafe

A public social space for all members of our community to come together to have fun learning, interacting and making science-related stuff.

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Git On-line Course


If you are a developer or have even the slightest interest in programming, you need to learn about Git, a free software version control system that is widely used by Mac and iOS developers to keep track of changes in their code and to allow teams of developers to work on the same chunk of […]

Arduino: Controlling high brightness ...


19th April 2015, Sun(1pm – 5pm), Age: 13 years and above. This workshop is about writing programs on Arduino to control high brightness light. The goal of this workshop is to write programs on an Arduino board to control high brightness LED light. This workshop is suitable for people who would like to know Pulse Width Modulation […]

Make your own Arduino


18th April 2015, Sat(1pm – 5pm), Age: 13 years and above. This workshop is to learn the design, and assemble an Arduino compatible board. The goals of this workshop are to learn the design of Arduino Duemilanove and Uno, and learn the proper hand tools handling and soldering techniques. This workshop is suitable for people who would […]

Lego Robotics Level 1 – Introdu...


5th April 2015, Sun(1pm – 5pm), Age: 9 years and above. An introductory level workshop designed for students without any prior experience in Robotics. In this 4 hour workshop, students will learn the basics of robot building and programming through the Lego Mindstorm EV3 sets. A great entry level workshop for students aged 9 and […]

Tinker thinks: Let’s fix it

2015-01-12 18.22.46

4th April 2015, Sat(1pm – 5pm), Age: 13 years and above. The goals of this workshop are to cultivate creativity, learn proper tools handling skills, and learn problem solving skills. Participants will select a couple of remote control toys that are donated to PSC and learn how they are designed, disassemble them appropriately then identify the problems, […]

Fun With Science – Pressure


28st March 2015, Sat(2pm – 4pm), Age: 8 – 12 years old. Mr. LoLo is back for more Fun with Science workshop, come join us at PSC on the 28st of March for more Fun and Engaging hands-on learning experience! Experience the fun of science by knowing the natural phenomena, observe, and conduct experiment. Learning […]

MySQL Open Source Database Introducti...


26th March 2015, Thurs(3pm – 5.30pm), Age: 13 years and above. Learn what is a database and the application/management of a database in a business/project.  Participant will learn : Database concept, basic data table design, database design. Thing to bring to workshop : Laptop (Optional- To save the databse design and bring back home) Age Requirement […]

Movie Making on the Fly


29th March 2015, Sun(2pm – 4pm), Age: 12 years and above. Went for a trip and snapped tons of photos and even videos, but having difficulties and lacking of time in producing a nice video clip with your collections? Would it be great if you could start making your own video on the move with just your iPad? […]

Scratch – Build Your Own Street Fight...

Screenshot (1)

29th March 2015, Sun(9.30am-12pm), Age: 12 – 18 years old. Embark into a journey of block based programming to build your own street fighter game. Create fighters, Animate your character, make them attack and improve the game with sounds and animation! You will get to learn Scratch Basics, Game Logic, and Programming Concept by attending this workshop.  […]

Arduino Level 2 – Advanced


22th March 2015, Sun (9am – 12pm), Age: 13 years old and above. The embedded system, Arduino is a simple platform which allowed many makers or any people to do their project. For this workshop, it is starts from very basic project and from there to learn the coding as well as the circuitry designation. Interesting hands […]


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